Christmas chorizo and other cured products

UPDATE – The shed (sorry curing room) is smelling lovely and the wafts of paprika make working in there a pleasure!  No change on the chorizo though!

Inspired by an old edition of the Great British Menu where one of the chefs was doing his own chacuterie, I decided to see if I could muster up some home cured meats and sausages for Christmas 2011.  Here’s day one of the story….

Having had a go at home made sausages a couple of Christmas’s ago, which were a hell of a lot of work and didn’t really have the wow factor, I decided to dig out the e-bay bought sausage skins and see what else I could conjure up.

Chorizo sprang to mind, probably because of the ‘knob soup’ and ‘chorizo in cider’ jokes so it was a quick google for home made chorizo recipes and as usual the bbc came up trumps with this recipe.  looks easy enough I thought!

So off to get some pork mince, forget the pork back fat, and off we go.  I went for half the quantities and chucked it all in a bowl, although I think I might of put too much salt in (better for the curing perhaps?), and mixed away.

Now the fun bit of trying to stuff it into the sausage skins – oh er missus.  From previous experience of not having a sausage making machine I knew that this wouldn’t be easy but my past experience had told me that I needed to develop a sausage stuffing implement and that an empty pop bottle with it’s end chopped off is the best thing for the job and low and behold…

Just chop the end off and away you go

So with my trusty sausage stuffer ready, I was ready to stuff my sausage skins – trying saying that three times and fast!

After soaking my skins in water, some difficulty getting the skins on the end and a few split skins – this is getting ridiculous! – I was away and stuffing like a good ‘un and have ended up with these beauties.

Look at these beauties

look at these beauties

Now to hand them up in the specifically designed curing room (the shed)  for the next 2 months and pray that to god that they don’t go all mouldy, fall prey to something nasty, or the local fox doesn’t catch a whiff, or they don’t fall onto the floor – in fact there are too many perils ahead that I really wonder if we’ll be eating chorizo at Christmas – wish me luck!

Hanging in the shed


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