The ASM (Anti Super Market) Christmas Menu 2012

This year GarysKitchen is going to try and avoid lining the pockets of the big super market chains by shopping small and local.

I hope that by boycotting the BIG super markets GarysKitchen will avoid the usual brussel sprout fight, make shopping for our Christmas meal stress free and more enjoyable, improve the quality of the food that we will enjoy and redistribute a samll amount of cash to local and small businesses.

I am not sure how successful GarysKitchen will be but it should be fun trying.

So to the menu (draft as this may change depending on availability) and the story behind the produce.

Soup – Brixham Fish Fight Bisque with a Fresh Lobster Ravioli

Using my pasta maker I am going to have  a bash at some fresh lobster ravioli served in a Brixham fish fight bisque which is produced with the less glamorous Devon-caught fish that don’t make it to star on the fishmonger’s counter. The true taste of the sea, in GarysKitchen. Plus, when we are scoffing down this delight we can feel good knowing that we are helping Brixham fisherman reduce their discarded fish catch.

Fish Course – Devon Fruits De Mer

Again direct from Brixham harbour, via e-bay, GarysKitchen will be enjoying the fruits de mer of Devon.  A selection of freshly caught fish and shellfish all sustainably caught and supporting local Brixham fisherman – that’s got to be good.

Main Course – Fred the Turkey and all the trimmings

A Little Black Pig Turkey topped with their own dry cured streaky bacon, traditional breed sausage meat stuffing and chiplota sausages.

As previously posted this years Turkey is coming direct from the Little Black Pig at Willow Farm in Worcestershire and if you look closely at the photograph below you can even see our bird Fred

Can you see Fred?

Can you see Fred?

In addition to Fred the Turkey we will also be enjoying LBP streaky bacon, sausage stuffing and chipolatas – plus there’s a bonus traditionally reared gammon joint if that isn’t enough. 

Vegetables from Rayleigh Fruit & Veg

GarysKitchen is shopping local and is going to try and purchase all the Christmas vegetables from a local greengrocer

Crispy goose fat roasted potatoes

Local Essex honeyed parsnips

Sprouts with LBP bacon and chestnuts

Carrots with sage

Cauliflower with Essex cheese sauce

Leeks in welsh butter

Boiled onions in milk

Savoy cabbage and kale

LBP sausage and chestnut stuffing

Served with bread sauce and cranberry sauce


A Christmas Croquembouche

Home made choux buns stuffed with limoncello, chocolate and brandy flavoured whipped cream direct from our local milkman Paul. The eggs in the choux pastry will also be bought from Paul.

A selection of home made mince pies – depending on what is available from local christmas bazaars.

So wish GarysKitchen good luck and lets hope we can do our bit for small UK businesses in these times of austerity!


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  1. Looks like you are getting the drinks in Rafs as I am out of work due to the ASM effect. Ya ya my ass!!

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