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A Walter ‘White’ Christmas 2013

This year GarysKitchen decided to honour the best TV show ever and have a Breaking Bad themed Christmas meal.

Trying to link each course to a Breaking Bad theme or episode took some doing, but thanks to the power of the internet the Walter ‘White’ Christmas meal was developed.

Breaking Bad Menu

Breaking Bad1 MenuBut before I get onto the actual meal, a special mention should go to the providers of the ingredients.

Firstly to the Little Black Pig who provided the main event of a Norfolk Black Turkey and other wonderful meats.

A special thank you goes to Kate from the Little Black Pig who personally delivered the turkey on Monday 23 December, which if people recall saw severe winds hit the UK with chaos on the roads.

But after hours on the road, Kate delivered the box of goodies

Christmas meat

The turkey

With all ingredients ready the marathon cook started on Christmas eve and the Breaking Bad menu started to come together.

The opener saw us say ‘Salud’ and celebrate episode 10 of Season 4 with a glass of Zafiro Anejo with each glass topped with sky blue crystal meth.

Zafira Anejo

This little liverner kicked off proceedings nicely and everyone settled down to enjoy an amuse bouche of a tomato consomme shot with a mozzarella pearl.  This celebrated the pink teddy bear eyeball seen floating in Walt’s pool in episode 1 of season 3.

The lab effect was improved by some nifty glass measuring beakers bought by son of Garyskitchen – seen in the photo below.

tomato consomme

The amuse bouche was followed by a meat starter of mini Heisenbergers.  I love this play on words but can not take the credit for this as Heisenbergers are awash on the internet. Our mini Heisenbergers were Dexter beef in home baked mini rolls, with sky blue cheese and pink onions (again referencing the pink teddy bear).

Accompanying the Heisenbergers were a selection of madrigal dipping sauces from Season 5, episode 2.

HeisenbergerNext came Gustavo Fring’s Chillean fish stew which I found out was called Paila Marina.

This course celebrated the legend that was Gus Fring and the fish stew he cooks for Walt in Season 3, Episode 11.

Fish stew vegPMNow to the main event and the turkey.  For this I made another play on words and instead of us having Los Pollos Hermanos (The Chicken Brothers) we had Los Pavos Hermanos (The Turkey Brothers).

Now by this stage the party was in full swing and we did not take any photo’s of the bird but we did manage one photo of a full plate – although I think it looks pretty horrible.

Turkey dinnerThe eagle eyed amongst you may have spotted some butternut squash on the plate. This deserves a special mention as this is the homegrown butternut squash from my Mystery Plant and it was very tasty too.

mystery plant

After the main event we were flagging but we all managed to move on to the dessert which was in honour of Gale Boettichers coffee brewing as seen in Season 3, so a light dessert of Cafe Glaze, with a cookie referencing Saul Goodmans  classic quote of referencing his secretary Franchesca as HT and a light sprinkling of contaminated Chilli P, from Jesse’s signature cook.

contaminated batch

gales coffee

GarysKitchen also did a Black Forest Gateaux.  I have no idea why but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

BFG We then moved onto the cheese board, which had no real link to Breaking Bad

Cheese boardThe meal was washed down with a nice cold Schraderbrau to celebrate ASAC Hank Schrader and you can go **** yourself. Each Schraderbrau had a little added twist of Methylamine.



After four hours of feasting, we all needed a little pick me up and thanks to Walt we weren’t let down.

Sky blue

And even Skylar made it an A One Day

A 1 Day