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Easy Spanish Fish Stew

Here’s an easy recipe for a very tasty Spanish carzuela or fish stew

First the sofrito – you will need roughly chopped onions, leeks, carrots, celery, fennel red pepper and plenty of garlic.

Then chop some chorizo into slices and slowly fry to release the oil.  Once cripsy remove the choriz and add the sofrito, leaving out the chopped garlic.

Slowly saute the vegetables until soft and cooked through and then add the garlic and cook for about another 5-10 minutes.  Then add a teaspoon of La Chinata Pimeton Paprika – I used hot but you can use smoked or sweet and cook again for another 5 minutes or so.

Then add approx 250ml of fish stock (I used half a knorr cube) and a carton of chopped tomatoes and garlic and slowly simmer until the sauce has thickened. Add half a tin on cannelini beans.

Add the white fish, I used coley and sword fish.

And simmer until the fish is nearly cooked.  Then add the prawns for a final couple of minutes until everything is cooked through.

Sprinkle over the fennel leaves and some freshly chopped basil and serve with crusty bread wiped over with garlic and a tomatoe to make pan con tomate. Add a big dollop or alli olli (garlic mayonese) and you have a delicious and easy Spanish Fish Stew.