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After a 4 year break GarysKitchen is back with the ultimate steak and nachos

It’s been a while but after a slight break from blogging, 4 years to be exact, GarysKitchen is back with a simple but effective ‘Ultimate Steak and Nachos’ recipe.

First the Steak. Forget Sirloin, Rump Rib-Eye or Filet and go for a Flat Iron Steak (also known as Feather Steak).  It is cheaper but better than the rest and with this simple cooking method it guarantees perfectly cooked medium rare steak very time.

First cut off any membrane and then rub with olive oil and season liberally with freshly ground salt and pepper.  then heat your heavy bottomed pan to a high heat and slap down the steak for 5-6 minutes, then turn and give the other side another 5-6 minutes, then rest it for 5 minutes.  This is important and really makes sure the steak is cooked to perfection.

Then carve into thin strips and voila – perfectly cooked medium rare steak!

Now to the Nachos.

Prior to cooking the steak put a sweet potatoe in the oven to cook through – about 15-20 minutes should do.

Then in the pan that you cooked the steak, fry off some mushrooms and thickly sliced red onions.

Once the sweet potatoe is cooked – remove skin and chop into small pieces. Then make one layer of nachos and add some of the mushroom and red onion mix and half of the cooked sweet potatoe. Then grate some cheese over the top – cheddar is fine.

Then make another layer and repeat.

Pop it into the oven to heath through and melt the cheese.

Whilst cooking, chop some cherry tomatoes, avocado and some fresh basil and once cooked sprinkle over the top.

Drizzle some alliolli (garlic mayo) over the top and you have the Ultimate Nachos.