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A mystery plant

Whilst pottering in GarysKitchen garden recently, I noticed that a strange plant had sprouted up next to my compost bin.

It looked pretty impressive and after a bit of Google research I have decided it is some kind of Cucurbita moschata most probably a butternut squash, from a rogue seed that was dumped into the compost.

Here is the plant in it’s early stages

in the early stages

Here it is a few weeks later

and a few weeks later

As you can see it is growing at a heck of a rate and I am hoping that it will produce some fine produce in the Autumn.  On the other hand I could end up with something like the Little Shop of Horrors.

It is now nearing the end of August and the mystery plant keeps on getting bigger.

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The butternut squash are getting bigger

first the flower

then the squash

and even bigger

The monster keeps growing.  We’re well into October and the not so mystery plant still keeps growing and we have some massive butternut squash.

check out these beauties

I am going to leave them as they seem to be growing nicely and I suppose they’ll be harvested before the first frost.

Well I couldn’t wait for the first frost as it is getting colder and my mystery squash didn’t seem to be doing much on the vine.

So they’ve been harvested and here they are in all their green glory.

Look at these beauties


Now my understanding is that after a few days on the windowsill they will turn the normal beige colour of butternut squash – fingers crossed.